High performance

As a teacher of functional movement I also work with people who use movement as their main instrument, and wish to achieve a higher level of performance, even without suffering pain or crisis....


Typically, but not uniquely, these are musicians, dancers, athletes, actors or even doctors. Sometimes even ordinary people wonder how far they could go with their ability to move, or with their relationship with their own body.


The special aspect of this kind of work is the high demand on me to deeply understand the needs and particular characteristics of my client's practice. True, it is done with every client. But when the client is an expert in his field and wants to progress even further, being ahead of him is definitely a challenge.

Working with a flutist for instance, I need to find ways that will make him be more aware of how he uses different parts of the tongue, or how he can better use the upper ribs while breathing. Beyond my general understanding of human movement, I need to study my client's way of doing what is in the center of his professional world in order to provide him with new insights into something he already knows. And I do that not because I have prior experience in what he does, but because I can see and feel, through his movement, how he connects means to an end, and what his attention is focused on.


It might be hard to understand, but it is my expertise in asking questions that enables me to find new answers to things too often not questioned enough. Over the years I’ve worked with musicians playing almost any instrument, with ballet dancers, steps and belly dance, actors, singers from any possible style, golf, football, and basketball players, runners, experts in martial arts, horse riders, and even with the horses themselves.....