Pain and Crisis

If you are here because you are looking for a solution to a specific problem, be it your back pain, headaches, limp or god knows what - this is the moment I am supposed to promise you I have it. But since I do not know you yet, I can not make such a promise. The Feldenkrais method as I understand it, is not a therapy in the sense of applying an existing treatment to a diagnosed problem, but a process through which a person can learn to use himself differently. In order to help you I would need to see how you move around, and what relation there is between the way you use yourself and the problem that brought you to me.


This problem might be pain, loss of ability, frustration or any kind of crisis. In any case, the way out of it is to discover what you could do differently, and how to do it. If pain or trauma is involved, very often there is some protective pattern around it that conditions your functioning. So the first step would probably be to find the most comfortable configuration for you to sit or to lie down. Then we could explore movement in different areas of the body, sometimes far from the focus of the pain, in order to create more mobility.

This mobility reduces the burden on the aching area and helps distribute the work of the muscles and the bones over the whole body. In the process you would be able to feel a difference in quality of movement and thus find new ways of doing and new sensations. These two combined result in new and better patterns of movement, that not only reduce pain, but improve quality of life in other areas.