An ongoing investigation of things I find interesting, usually in collaboration with other people, based on Feldenkrais work.


Embodied pedagogy of music

A music teacher is also a movement teacher. He teaches his students a defined and usually reduced class of movements: those that make the instrument function according to a desired result.


Training is usually based on repetition of certain movements called techniques, believed to be better than others in producing sound. However, very little do music teachers know about the dynamics that govern their own movement, as well as the movemnet of their students. Approaching the pedagogy of music from the point of view of movement control and planning turns the whole concept of learning to play into a process of developing individual answers to the challenges set by each instrument. The teacher who learns to understand how his student moves will also learn how to help him find his own way, instead of trying to shape him into old conventions.


This project runs in parallel in private with individual teachers of various instruments and with the Barcelona conservatory.


Improvisation (Voice)

Improvisation is a language that permits exploration of self organizing movement: can I do something without knowing previously what I am going to do? Is it possible to vocalize as an expression of a bodily sensation, and not as we usually do, out of thought and habits of communication?. Working through exploration of the voice embodied we move into improvisation in space and time in order to develop new ways of spontaniuos expression. 


This project is done together with Alessandra Petrucco.


Children's choirs

Developing ways of working with children in a choir that combine voice, movement and bodily sensations, in order to enrich the vocal dynamics of each one of the individuals and the group as a whole : moving attention, learning to listen,creating surprises, developing variations to find ease and comfort, play and joy.



Done together with the choir school of the catalan Orfeo.